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Computer Science & Information Technology


Nyruthi Arts and Science offers undergraduate, postgraduate and Research programmes in Computer Science & Information Technology; B.Sc,B.Sc(IT), M.Sc,M.Sc(IT) respectively. The Department introduces great works of literature to the students. An attempt is made to blend the study of classic texts and literary tradition with contemporary theoretical methods. The Department of Computer Science & Information Technology encourages the students to cultivate flexible, critical and responsive thinking that would develop their communication and literary skills. Through reading, discussing, and critiquing literary works students learn to think critically about art, culture, and also to thoughtfully approach social and political issues and articulate their reflections with great clarity and conviction.



To provide a gateway to the eld of communication and literature through the global language


To educate the youth to meet the challenges in language learning and enable them to shine in Communication, Global Literature, Research and Creative Writing by inculcating artistic and analytical sense.

Programmes Offered by the Department
  • B.Sc (Computer Science)
  • M.Sc (Computer Science)
  • B.Sc (Information Technology)
  • M.Sc (Information Technology)