BA Defence Studies


BA Defence Studies

Security, an area that was not under the purview of the average citizen of the country, has today become a concept that is increasingly taking mindshare.

This is due to many reasons, such as an increase in the scope of what constitutes ‘security’, change in the nature of conflict – bringing security issues to our neighbourhood – and the role of the media. Thus, in the current national and global security scenario, increased awareness of this subject is not only critical but also becomes imperative.


Our Great Vision & Mission


Being a full-fledged department under the University of Madras, apart from regular duties of conducting regular full-time classes on-premises, the department initiates and actively participates in multiple academic activities at various levels – university, state, national and international levels.


The mission of the Department of Defence and Strategic Studies is as follows Capacity building to the younger generation in critical analysis for strategic and security issues. Offer a forum for constant interaction between military professionals, strategic thinkers, and academics to develop strategic culture.’ Provide academic and research inputs to the Indian Armed Forces through collaboration.